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The Jarvis Family Departure

The Jarvis Family Departure

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From The Jarvis Family


So with just over 37 years at the Dormy, it’s time to say good-bye. We have sold the hotel, the completion date is the 31st January. Therefore we would like you to drop in on Wednesday 31st anytime during the day or evening, for a drink or two!!

This is going to be a very hard day for all of us as a family. “The Dormy” having been a huge part of all our lives.
We have had some wonderful times and some hard times, met people from all walks of life and in doing so, made many fantastic friends with our loyal guests, staff and suppliers, who have become part of us.
To think it all started on the 29th October 1981, Jean & John (Mum & Dad) brought the Dormy as a small 4 bedroom Bed & Breakfast, helped by Thomas, Maureen & Tim, between them they built it up into what it is today, over the years its had many extensions and alterations, more or less quadrupling it in size. Mum & Dad worked hard building up the Dormy, Mum in the kitchen and Dad in the bar! (Hard life) Thomas & Maureen also worked very hard in the early days, Thomas doing everything from serving in the restaurant & bar to helping with all the various building works & maintenance, Maureen helping mum in the kitchen & in those days doing all the laundry too plus doing the accounts. Thomas and Maureen’s children Robert, Vicky & Katie, all have worked at various times throughout the years. Beryl Worsley (Caroline’s Mum) was even Housekeeper for approximately 5 years.

Tim then took the reins in the kitchen from mum around 33 years ago, and I joined Tim in the kitchen a few years later, Caroline joined too, about 28 years ago! We even
had our wedding reception here in 1995!
Caroline and myself have run the hotel now for the last 15-20 years, Caroline out front in the reception keeping everyone happy & me in the kitchen trying to do the same, and with help from Julia my sister & Jo Nockels between them they taught me how to do the accounts etc, I think between us we’ve all done Painting, Decoration, fitting Bathrooms, tiling, Plumbing & even electrical work not much we haven’t done over the years together.

So as you can imagine its going to be very emotional for everyone.




I personally would like to thank all the fabulous staff we have worked with, from the past and present. One or two have been with us almost as long as we have! June Owen & Samantha Beckett & Laura Boyle all clocking up well over


15 years each. There are so many people I would like to mention, that have worked and given their all for us, Gail Harrison, Julie Wright, Jo Wright all have over 10 years with us, Stacey Duffield, Leanne Cude, Chris Jonas, Matt Mardell, Rory Knowles, Ali Peart, Suzette Barrett, Claire Winters,


Alan Gravenor, Kerry Buck, Emma Payne all 5years and over! to be honest there are simply too many to name, but if you ever have worked here at the Dormy for any length of time, please comment with your name and approximate years you worked. Sorry if I missed you out, but we would love to hear from you, maybe you have a story or memory to share.
Also like to thank our suppliers we’ve used over the years, again we’ve made some great friends,
Feel free to comment too, maybe stating how long you’ve been supplying us, just a bit of fun.

I would really like to say a huge thank you to Caroline, Macauley & Meghan who have supported me through thick and thin, can’t explain how much you have helped me over the years, and of cause both Macauley & Meghan have also worked at the hotel.

So once again, a massive thank you to anyone who has had any involvement with Dormy House over the years. We wish you success, health and happiness.

Lastly we would also like to wish the new owner Steve Brundle every success in taking the Hotel forward. We trust you will take great care of “The Dormy” and have many happy memories and stories to tell as we have had.

Good Luck to everyone, maybe our paths will meet again in the future.

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